Tuesday, 10 September 2013

well what a long day its been i layed out my Aurora chapter

 it took me 3 hours getting it all together then 2 hours to  line them out in to some order as you will see in the photos below.



there are about 400 marines plus model vehicles i have still got a lot more in two large box maybe 100 more!
in the line up is 6 companys
1st ,2nd ,3rd, 4th ,5th, and the 10th scout company 360 marines
Some of the company are not complete as I have replace the models as they was the 2nd ed models.
there is 35 terms 8 dreds and can you spot Vet Segt Kenny .

The Aurora Chapter

Today i got all of my Marines out of there box so i could see what i have in figures, vehicles, and dreds and wow i didnt know the size of the marine force i had pics later
over 500 in marines and still more unmade in 2 large boxs not counted yet {lron hands in there too}.
In about 4 or 5 weeks time they going to battle with evil so got lots to do to get them all painted battle ready for the game with paul{shagga warbozz} at the overlords hall in Dagenham England
The one thing i will do is update you all on the fuff or story as i go on in the weeks to come. So far half are painted 25% maded and others not painted .

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

the skippsters first blog

hello welcome to my new blog shop am new to this blog thing i w hope i make a good start

warhammer 40k is the main thing i am in to, i collect models from games work  shop and other makers and have been painting war gaming models now for 44 years yes that long!see the list below of the armies and models i am doing or have done 

1. space marines 
2. chaos marines
3.Imperial guard
4. traitor guard
5.chaos daemons 
6.dark elder
7. orks and grots

i am a member of the overlords 40k games group they are 40k war games club based in dagenham England and have a web site and a face book group  page with lots of people from around the world who are into warhammer 40k 
i and two others started this group over 4 years ago and as grown to a large number of people